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Grieving During the Holidays

Grieving the loss of someone you love can be especially difficult during the holidays. Traditions of many years can bring up memories that make your pain grow stronger. I’m writing this in the hope of easing some of that pain.

I just finished reading “Finding Meaning : The Sixth Stage of Grief” by David Kessler. This is a profound book with a true message for healing. David is a grief expert who speaks from the perspective of his own pain. The book is well worth reading, whether you are dealing with your own loss or whether you are a professional who works with people who are grieving. He also coauthored “On Grief and Grieving” and “Life Lessons” with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

David talks about grief bursts and love bursts- two wide swings of emotion. A grief burst is when you suddenly burst into tears or become overwhelmed with the feeling of loss. Love bursts are when you suddenly feel a strong sensation of love for the one who died. These are normal aspects of grieving.

I think one of the most important lessons to remember is that everyone grieves in their own way. The best thing we can do for someone who is grieving is to be present, supportive, and witness their pain. Remembering happier times can be part of finding meaning in death and of learning to love the ones we’ve lost in a new way. This book may help bring you peace.

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