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Follow Your Heart Challenge

When I'm feeling confused or discouraged, I like to take a walk. It clears my head and helps me think through a problem. One morning on a Martha's Vineyard beach, I found a heart in the sand shaped out of beach stones. It made me smile in the middle of my sadness. Some stranger had just made me feel happy. This made me think about how our actions affect others. I wondered how many other people would smile when they saw this heart. We all see the world differently and we all affect the world in our own way.

This heart made me think about following my own heart when making my choices in life. It also made me think about ways that I can help others. I've decided to do a "Heart Challenge" this month. Since February is decorated with hearts, I will let every heart that I see- decorations, natural heart shapes (like the ones topping a fancy coffee drink), or even just the word heart- remind me to do something kind for someone else. Some days that might just be smiling at a stranger or opening the door for someone with their hands full. Other days it might be to help someone understand a health issue or introduce someone to a healthy lifestyle choice. I will open my heart and spread kindness whenever I get the chance. It may be only micro steps but I will Follow My Heart. I would love to hear what you think. You can leave me a private message on my website or post on the Stress Management Solutions Facebook Page about how you Followed Your Heart......

Being kind to to others is a proven way to bring more happiness into your life.

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