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Expect the Unexpected - Plan for Travel Stress

Wherever this new year 2020 takes us, there is a good chance that some amount of travel will be involved. Here are 5 ways to help you cope with travel stress:

  1. Use checklists I recommend having a home checklist for what you need to do before you leave (ie stopping the mail, watering the plants, setting the thermostat, emptying the garbage) and a packing checklist (i.e.toiletries, umbrella, noise canceling headphones, phone charger) to make sure that you bring everything you need.

  2. Plan for delays and downtimes Think of this as time to relax, read, listen to audio books or podcasts, or think. Instead of getting frustrated, change your mindset to look at this time as an opportunity to be in your own head.

  3. Plan for the unexpected Air travel is unpredictable and bags sometimes get lost. Carry on the most important items and a change of outfit. This can get you through the first day. Take a photo of the items before you pack (I lay them out on the bed) so that you have a record of what was in your bag.

  4. Carry some cash Always carry a small amount of cash for tips, snacks, or in case you have a problem with your cards (Remember to notify your bank and credit/debit card issuers that you will be traveling).

  5. Be mindful Look for the good, the unexpected, and the beauty on your journey. It’s amazing how your mindset can really change how you experience everything. The more good you notice, the more it seems to multiply.

Enjoy the journey!

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